Patient Safety Culture

The culture of any organization results from the beliefs, values and behaviors that are accepted throughout the organization. Many people believe the culture of the organization is identified in the gap between what it says it will do, versus what it actually does. Medavie Health Services, with a mission to improve the wellbeing of Canadians, is committed to “walking the walk” in terms of diligence with a patient safety focus and fostering the healthy culture required to sustain it.

The Canadian Patient Safety Institute describes a culture of patient safety as one that reflects the knowledge, skills and commitment of all leaders, management, health care professionals and staff to the provision of the safest possible patient care. The culture appropriately and adequately supports providers in the provision of safe care, including continuous professional development. The culture encourages learning from adverse events and close calls to strengthen the system. Where appropriate, it supports and educates health care providers to help prevent similar events in the future. Justice is an important element; all are aware of what is expected, and are held professionally accountable in a fair way. Fairness and due process are fundamental to the determination of the reasons for adverse events. The interests of both patients and providers are protected.

Medavie Health Services,  through our Mission, Vision and Values, strives to encourage and sustain a culture of patient safety that is based upon trust, fairness, clear communication, education and accountability.