Locations Map

Currently, Island EMS has 6 permanent bases and 2 posting locations assisted by the New Glasgow Fire Department and the Crossroads Fire Department

Charlottetown (Administration Office & Base) – 229 Sherwood Rd., Charlottetown PE

Montague – 406 MacIntyre Rd., Montague PE

Souris – 145 Main St., Souris PE

New Glasgow Posting Location(Daytime Only 0530-1730hrs) – 5455 Rte. 13

Stratford – 4 Georgetown Rd., Stratford PE

Summerside – 283 First St., Summerside PE

Alberton – 483 Church St., Alberton PE

O’Leary – 25 Willow St., O’Leary PE

It is important to know that while these bases are manned 24 hours, the ambulances may be mobile in the area, responding to emergency calls and transfers, or posted in alternate locations to provide coverage. If you do have an emergency, please call 911 or proceed to your nearest emergency rooms.