Billing Questions

There is a Health PEI pamphlet that is available for reading here .


Most ambulance fees for people with a valid Prince Edward Island health card are 75 per cent subsidized by the provincial government. The current subsidized rate is $150.00. The fees are a flat rate.

If you are unable to pay the fee you were charged for ground ambulance service, Island EMS can offer you an interest free payment plan based on your ability to pay.  Please call the Island EMS billing office for more information.  (902)-892-9995

No. That’s why you should get travel insurance that covers ambulance services when you travel outside of the province, even to visit Nova Scotia or New Brunswick.

Ground ambulance services are an uninsured service not covered by the Canada Health Act. This means they are the province’s responsibility to deliver and fund.  Because of this, residents from other provinces and non-Canadians are billed at a higher rate than Prince Edward Islanders.   Anyone traveling outside their province of residence should make sure they have appropriate travel insurance.

We ask for a copy of the death certificate as well as a written letter from the executor of the estate stating there is no monies left in the estate to pay the invoice.  Once these two pieces of information are received, the invoice will be voided.