Our Commitment

Our Service Commitment:

  • Prioritizing patient safety and providing high quality EMS, including communications and call taking, preparing for arrival, assessing the incident scene, patient assessment and treatment, transporting the patient and transfer
  • Preventing infections and minimizing exposure to hazards
  • Ensuring safe operation of EMS vehicles, equipment and medical devices
  • Increasing community awareness of EMS and establishing strong partnerships for public education and emergency preparedness
  • Building a high performing EMS team, including medical oversight, interdisciplinary teams and work-life balance
  • Maintaining user-friendly and effective clinical and information systems for all patients and calls
  • Monitoring quality and safety and achieving positive outcomes through data collection and the use of quality indicators

The above aligns with the EMS standards developed by Accreditation Canada.

  1. Further, we pride ourselves in: Meeting the needs of our patients through the delivery of high-quality services and care.
  2. Taking an active role by supporting local charities and community projects as it relates to bettering the life of the communities we serve.
  3. Providing safe working conditions and a culture of respect demonstrating honesty, integrity, equity, courtesy and professionalism.  As a service provider and colleague, we are all accountable.
  4. Promoting lifelong learning and supporting people to do their best through development, coaching and motivation.
  5. A culture that recognizes and cultivates  culture that recognizes and cultivates dynamic leadership. 

Island EMS Strategic Plan 2022-2027

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