IEMS Paramedics & Communications Officers​


Primary Care Paramedic

Primary Care Paramedics are the entry level to the paramedic profession. Their scope of practice on Prince Edward Island includes:

  • Glucometry
  • Medication Administration (IM, SC, PO, SL & IV)
  • IV initiation
  • Defibrillation – Semi Automatic
  • SpO2 Monitoring
  • 12 Lead Aquisition and Transmission
  • King LT Placement
  • CPAP
  • TPOD

Intermediate Care Paramedic

The Intermediate Care Paramedic was introduced on Prince Edward Island in the 90’s to provide Advanced Life Support training to the primary level of paramedic.  Their scope of practice includes all those of a Primary Care Paramedic along with the following:

  • Endotracheal Intubation
  • Medication Administration – ET, PR, Nasal

Advance Care Paramedic


Senior Operations Paramedic

Senior Operations Paramedics are our ground supervisors that look after routine day-to-day operational needs. They provide support to the Operations Managers with filling of shifts, ordering supplies and filling in for Managers during vacations. Senior Operations Paramedics work regularly scheduled shifts on ground ambulance and can be Primary Care, Intermediate Care or an Advanced Care Paramedic.

Comms Officer

Communications Officer

Public Safety Communications Officers provides 911 call-taking services across Prince Edward Island, including dispatching of EMS and fire services.