Paramedics & Communications Officers

Primary Care Paramedic

The Primary Care Paramedic is the entry level to the paramedic profession. Their scope of practice on Prince Edward Island includes:

  • PEI Primary Care Paramedics have one of the most advanced scopes of practice in Canada.
  • Provide Basic Life Support and symptom management as well as basic medical skills and interventions.
  • Currently a 2-year training program offered by Holland College in Charlottetown.

Intermediate Care Paramedic

The Intermediate Care Paramedic provides additional advanced skills and interventions in comparison to the Primary Care Paramedic.

  • For ICPs looking to apply to Island EMS: PEI does not currently issue new ICP EMT licenses. 
  • Please inquire with our Human Resource Department to learn more. 

Advance Care Paramedic

The Advanced Care Paramedic has the most comprehensive scope of practice on PEI. 

  • ACPs have the ability to provide advanced medications, skills, and interventions in the field. 
  • Currently a 1-year training program offered by Holland College in Charlottetown.

Senior Operations Paramedic

Senior Operations Paramedics provide support for day-to-day operations and Management. SOPs work regularly scheduled shifts 

  • SOPs work regularly scheduled shifts on ground ambulance(s) and can be Primary, Intermediate. or Advanced Care Paramedics.

Public Safety Communication Officer

Public Safety Communications Officers provides 911 call-taking and dispatch services across Prince Edward Island, including dispatching of EMS and fire services.

  • Our Communications Centre is an Accredited Centre of Excellence.
  • All PSCOs are required to completed a recognized EMD certification course.
  • Training is provided in-house complete with classroom learning and on-the-job training.