How to Read Your Invoice

For your reference, here are some of the important pieces of information located on your Island EMS ambulance bill.   A sample bill is located at the bottom of this page.

Invoice number: located on the top right corner of your invoice  

Date: located just under the invoice number in the top right corner; refers to the date the invoice is issued; in the format Day / Month / Year  

Date of call:
 located on the top left of the bill, highlighted in dark green; refers to the date in which the ambulance transported the patient listed on the bill  

Description of Call:
 located on the top center of your bill, highlighted in dark green  

Amount: located on the top right of the bill, under the invoice number and invoice date; refers to the cost of the ambulance (in Canadian funds) for this particular ambulance transport; can be paid in various ways  

Due Date: located in the center of the bill; refers to date the invoice is due to be paid; this date is usually one month after the date the invoice is issued  

Payable by Due Date: located to the right of the due date section; refers to the balance still outstanding at the time the invoice or statement is printed; if payments have been made, this balance may be different than the amount originally owing   

Transport From: located on the bottom right of the bill; refers to the location from which the patient was picked up; this could be a resident’s address, hospital or another facility.  

Transport To: located in the center of the bill; refers to the destination where the ambulance transported the patient; this could be a destination hospital or a return to residence transport;Note: There could be additional Transported From and Transported To locations below the initial ones. These refer to the return transfer. Usually it is the reverse of the initial call, which shows the patient being transported back to original destination.  

Patient: located on bottom right of the bill; refers to the patient who was transported; in the format Last name, first name

PCR NO: located on the bottom right of the bill; refers to the number of the Patient Care Report filled out by paramedics when recording the incident