Community Relations​

Community Paramedicine

Island EMS is proud to be the provider of the MFR training to PEI Firefighters. In 2006, Island EMS partnered with the PEI Fire Fighters’ Association to develop a Medical First Responder Program for PEI. This program started with the tabulation of information on fire departments across the Island and categorized them into 5 levels of first response. This later evolved into the creation of a baseline set of patient care protocols and recruiting of a medical director.


The best part of this training is that if the agency is registered with PEIFFA as an MFR Department, the training is free to the student. We have been running both Full and Recert MFR courses throughout the year since 2006. Currently, there are 36 Fire Departments across PEI and 33 of them are doing MFR. There are approximately 290 MFR trained firefighters across PEI.